Alpha beta charlie delta epsilon foxtrot gamma. Greek alphabet

Military Alphabet

Aristophanes of Byzantium Greek diacritics. This version is the most familiar version of the military alphabet since it is still in use today.


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NATO phonetic alphabet

I know that some people, however, gravitate right to epsilon for their morning meditations, and find their capacity to have deeply spiritual experiences enhanced. Retrieved 30 January 2019.


Tactical operations code names guide

Because the ITU governs all international radio communications, it was also adopted by most radio operators, whether military, civilian, or.



Berlin, Germany: Walter de Gruyter.


Alfabet fonetik NATO

The ICAO, NATO, and FAA use modifications of English numerals, with stress on one syllable, while the ITU and IMO compound pseudo-Latinate numerals with a slightly different set of modified English numerals, and with stress on each syllable.