Dear butter living world. Our Favorite Easter Menu Ideas of All Time

Gran is 'world's oldest person after turning 119' thanks to diet of butter, honey, cheese and a boiled egg every morning

Keep your sparkling punch from getting watered down while it stays cool with pretty lemonade ice cubes. But there are ways around that, as we shall soon see.


Are You Feeding Your Deer To Death?

For us, the word has come to mean and in a terrible way, your society has come to represent : the white man that knows too little for the power that he wields, and the damage that he causes.


Our Favorite Easter Menu Ideas of All Time

Because tortillas are prone to molding, tossing them in the refrigerator is always the safest bet—and can help them last up to twice as long. In most parts of the North, winter weather conditions put serious stress on whitetails. Sliced strawberries, bacon, and a tangy vinaigrette make our colorful Spring Salad with Berries and Bacon pictured a perennial holiday favorite.


East And West Coast Butter Is Different, And We've All Been Living A Lie

Sure winter stresses whitetails and some of the weaker ones will perish in a severe winter. This approach is noticeable in every bite.


13 Garden Plants Deer Will Utterly Destroy

Although certainly delicious on its own, butter is also a prime canvas for creative flavors.

7 Things You Should Refrigerate (But Probably Aren't)

To a deer, these are fresh-caught Maine lobster served with melted Irish butter. While showcasing lemons and limes in a pretty bowl on your can be tempting to achieve an air of put-together-ness, citrus fruits will last up to four times longer when stored in the refrigerator. The sound of her sleeping is a close second.


Our Favorite Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe

Are to-go plates approved? The dough for our heavenly Angel Biscuits can be refrigerated until you're ready to bake. Dear Umbra, I recently went vegan for environmental reasons.