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Alioth (Character)

When the TVA pruned anyone into the Void, Alioth would try and consume them, killing anything living and stripping anything else bare.


Alioth (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Alioth headed for Sylvie despite an attempted distraction from Loki, but was drawn away from her by the actions of Classic Loki, who had formed a gigantic illusion of Asgard. In his own time, Kang falls for the princess of one of his subject kingdoms, , who does not return his feelings.

‘Loki’ Episode 5: Who is Alioth? Is it connected to Kang the Conquerer?

After Alioth's existence was discovered, started to harness and experiment on the creature's power.


It is the protector of what lays beyond the end of time, and the climax of the episode sees Loki and Slyvie combine their power to enchant it and move past it, which hints at how powerful the force behind everything at the MCU's TVA really is. It is because of Alioth that Kang never attempted to expand his empire vertically into more distant time eras and therefore extends only as far back as 2000 BC. Guarding the Void " is the place where the dumps its rubbish, everything they prune.

Kang the Conqueror

Kang is subsequently defeated. He wishes to utterly defeat them as a token of his love.


Alioth & 9 Other Temporal Beings From Marvel Comics

Even then, they weren't able to actually defeat or destroy the time being. Alioth remains a giant purple cloud of energy and rules a temporal empire all his own. Retrieved July 16, 2021.

Alioth & 9 Other Temporal Beings From Marvel Comics

I weaponized Alioth and I ended... The Prime Kang, having recovered, then attempts to manipulate the Avengers from a time vortex, and encounters the Fantastic Four in a bid to capture Mantis and use her to defeat a Celestial and the other Kangs, while "Fred" is incinerated by a Nebula-possessed during a later battle with the Fantastic Four in the timestream.

Loki: Alioth Is Technically Marvel's First Comic Book Character in the MCU

Kang is critically injured when he intercepts a blow from Thor's hammer that was meant for his old love, who is distraught over his sacrifice and teleports away with him. Alioth was tricked, seeing it as a newly pruned meal, and was enraged upon realizing the illusion. Alioth was created by the rifts in time and space during the Multiversal War, where Nathaniel Richards harnessed and experimented on its power, becoming its master.