Louis pasteur. Louis Pasteur Biography: Information & Facts on his life

Louis Pasteur and the Germ Theory of Disease

In 1848, he became the professor of chemistry at the University of Strasbourg. These organisms also fell into the category of spontaneous generation, and so Pasteur sought to disprove this theory.

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Pasteur ran experiments to see if this was true. Fact Check We strive for accuracy and fairness. He obtained material by having several men hold down a rabid dog.


Louis Pasteur Biography: Information & Facts on his life

This placed Pasteur in a risky situation because the vaccine for rabies was used to prevent rabies, not treat rabies. Silkworm eggs could no longer be produced in and they could also not import the eggs from other countries because the disease spread all over.

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Jenner came up with the field of immunology only by hearing and paying close attention to the people.



Pasteur began his quest to eradicate rabies by creating a vaccine for it. He got admission in an elementary school in Arbois in 1831. He found that the uninfected silkworms had one thing in common: mulberry leaves.


Louis Pasteur

It is not for the chair of a small college like ours that we must prepare him; he must become a professor in a royal college. Spontaneous generation In the 1860s, many scientists thought that microbial life generated from air alone. I am fascinated by how can science be revolutionized in an instant, as with Jenner hearing a villager talk about her impossibility go get smallpox after having had cowpox.