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Genshin Impact Sucrose

Effects In-Game Character height gives advantages and disadvantages in-game.

Is Sucrose good?

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Apparently, her laboratory is home to quite the eclectic range of implements and her experiments are more than just intellectually stimulating... Obtain Sucrose Through Other Character Banners! You can also get a chance to pull Sucrose through other characters' banners. She holds Albedo, her mentor, in high regard and considers him to be one of the best alchemists in the world.

Sucrose Cosplay

However, a taser comp for Sucrose also exists, which is more advanced.


The Best Party For Sucrose In Genshin Impact

Sucrose appears to have some non-human blood, as her ears are a hereditary feature, which she conceals as part of her hair.

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But anyway, Sucrose is the creator of this paradise, so why shouldn't she get to name things any way she wants to? On the other hand, is the Hydro Sub DPS character in the team. I have sucrose on my main team with beidou, xiangling, and qiqi and it's going pretty well. So, after a careful study of the various features of sweet flowers, she devised thirty-something distinct rearing plans along with numerous control groups to account for temperature and other environmental conditions.