Mitsuya. Mitsuya Kanzaki

Takashi Mitsuya

The mansion has the latest magic training equipment that isn't any less inferior than that of the.

Mitsuya Kanzaki

Background The birthday's of Shiina and are two days apart from one another, with Saburou's being first.

Yuki Mitsuya

He sees Mitsuya as a real older brother, describing their relationship as "unfortunately close". Mitsuya is the person Draken has known the longest of Toman's members. This became the trademark "Mitsuya" later.


Takashi Mitsuya (Relationships)

He made a deal with Ajuka to be Issei's parents bodyguard during the for unknown reasons. Mitsuya concludes that apology by expressing to Yuzuha that he respected her.


Mitsuya Shiina

He is also confident in his skills and can be calm even in tense situations, as seen when emitted animosity towards him.

Mitsuya Shiina

Brand History In 1884, carbonated water that gushed out of a land called Tadamura Hirano, Hyogo Prefecture was the beginning of "Mitsuya Cider". Hakkai was the vice-captain for Mitsuya's second division and showed great admiration for his captain, even using Mitsuya's picture as his lock screen.



Waves emitted by magicians inside the building carried a clear aggressiveness. Main House The Mitsuya reside in ,.