Logo nike. The Story Of The Nike Swoosh Logo

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Nike Trademarks: Everything You Need to Know

The red color exemplifies passion, energy and joy, whereas the white color stands for the nobility, charm and purity of the Nike brand.

The Story Of The Nike Swoosh Logo

He looked to her for help from time to time, when he just started a business, and in 1971 he assigned a more important mission to the student. The Nike logo is a perfect example of the importance of visuals that builds brands that are recognized and trustworthy. Nowadays, over 44,000 employees are employed by Nike across the world.


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The logo was liked by many sports stars. El cofundador de la empresa, Phil Knight, lo consiguió totalmente por casualidad, sin tener que pagar mucho dinero a un profesional de renombre.


Logo de Nike: la historia y el significado del logotipo, la marca y el símbolo.

Athletes win prizes and set new world records wearing Nike clothes and shoes. Anyone who sees the famous Swoosh on sportswear and footwear will recognize the associated brand. He improved his skills and was interested in new sports products.


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