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If finished trophies are shipped back to the states for 3 or 4K and you saved 3-4K on your taxidermy getting it dome locally what have you saved? Sometimes your taxidermy bill can be the biggest cost and it is the investment that will preserve those memories for all to see! You are the best in the business and I will always recommend your services. North American Taxidermists mount 80-90% North American Game only 10% 20% African game.


Nylstroom Taxidermy

All I will say is I have lived in Africa for many years and am a Proud American and while living in Africa I was always happy to say so because we do truly live in the land of opportunity.


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But I know for a fact and have spent the money so my money is where my mouth is that I can get just as good mounts from very reputable outfits for a fraction of the cost, But that isn't the real argument because at the end of the day it is up to the individual spending the money and what they want to do I personally make an informed decision which most first time hunters are not able to do. Their movement traits and more. Have your skins tanned in Africa and have them mounted here in the States? I am extremely pleased with what you and your team have achieved and they will be a lifelong reminder of a great time spent hunting in South Africa.

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John Peacock is a SCI Master Measurer and Jéane Grieve is an Official SCI Measurer.


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Nevertheless we receive hunting trophies from all parts of South Africa. Please note that I am not affiliated or associated with any companies, outfitters or Taxidermists in South Africa and that I am only trying to help you make the right choice so that your African Safari, from start to finish trophies on your wall , are everything you dreamed it would be.

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I spend hunter money Mine with other hunters.