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Remember to visit PuzzleGameMaster. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series The exclusive nickname option for Shedinja In the , the player has the option to name the player and their partner at the beginning of the games, the latter of which defaults to their. In , had a named Sugar who ran away, and returned as a.


List of Pokémon by name

In the table below, represents the first character of the player's name represents the first two characters. Go give them a shot! From onward, there is instead a profanity filter applied when attempting to nickname Pokémon or when transporting them using. Many fans have dedicated a lot of their time to create thousands of Fakemon; some even make their own fangames with their creations! Unnicknamed Pokémon This section is incomplete.


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If the player with another player, the television network may report on the other player's choice of nicknames as well.

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Their names can be changed at any time, along with their team name, from the. In , owns a nicknamed Centy. In the manga Some Pokémon manga series use nicknames as a way to differentiate and individualize Pokémon characters.


Reason: Details on the specific battle modes and competitions during which nicknames are hidden In the games, a Pokémon named in a Western game traded to a Japanese game will have its name rendered in characters, making it impossible to display the full name if it is longer than five characters. This may be to emphasize the in that game. She has also nicknamed her Bébé.


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However, they ended up accidentally dropping their on each other's Pokémon, resulting in them evolving into different forms than their respective Trainers had planned.


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Name generator Like all our name generators, this one is especially fun to use! Prior to Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, the player can name any Pokémon that joins their upon. This coloration is not the same as being a. The Generation V games contain an internal which only censors case-insensitive matches.


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After entering the , the player can battle her, in a battle in which she uses the evolved form of the Pokémon that the player traded her. Please feel free to edit this section to add missing information and complete it.