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Why did Seo Soojin leave (G)I

If it is true, can this like not destroy her career? The agency said, "As a result of the examination by the medical staff, the ankle ligament has increased, and according to the opinion of the medical staff to wear a cast and protector until recovery, we will live with minimal movement for the time being and is unable to participate in the group's upcoming schedules, including '2020 LIVE in DMZ' on 23 October and '2020 K-Culture Festival' on 24 October.



I'm all for Soojin returning at some point, but this whole plot sounds so convoluted.


Soojin leaves (G)I

Right now they want to distance themselves as quickly as possible from the controversy. Photo : G I-DLE News1 Eventually, some Neverlands G I-DLE fandom expressed strong support to the idol through Twitter hashtags, StayStrongSoojin, and SoojinDeservesBetter. The investigation conducted with Cube stated that the police denied that the accuser s were spreading false info, failing to prove that Soojin was "not guilty.


Why is Soojin leaving (G)I

However, G I-DLE's support team came to the conclusion to disband because of how difficult it became to further engage with general activities following the current circumstances. Seo Shin was speculated to be one of the victims of Soojin's alleged bullying. We gonna have to be real patient I think.

Former (G)I

At first, she felt more afraid than happy, but after taking time to consider the offer and thinking of it as a challenge, she decided to go to the audition. Why did Soojin have to have her life ruined for rumors with no evidence? Korea but this is not one of them.


Soojin ((G)I

She pleaded with her father for 2 years from the age of 13 until she was 15 before he finally gave in to her sincerity and allowed her to pursue her dreams. If I'm not mistaken, Cube's statement only says she left the group. Though we are talking about stupid polygon company at the end of the day so they may just not care - will try not getting my hopes up too much.